A Festival of Short Plays

Name: American Place Theatre
Address: 111 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
Number of performances: 29
Opening date: March 6, 1974
Closing date: March 30, 1974
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
American Place Theatre Producer
Wynn Handman Artistic Director
Julia Miles Associate Director
Lonnie Carter Playwright
Robert Coover Playwright
María Irene Fornés Playwright
William Hauptman Playwright
Lanny Meyers Music
Bobby Paul Music
María Irene Fornés Director
Caymichael Patten Director
Isaiah Sheffer Director
Lanny Meyers Musical Director
Charles Cosler Set Designer
Liz Covey Costume Designer
Edward M. Greenberg Lighting Designer
David Roggensack Press Representative
Gigi Cascio Production Stage Manager
Grania M. Hoskins Stage Manager

Actor Role
Hy Anzell Blintzkrieg (Cream)
Susan Bjurman Reporter (Shearwater)/ Pepsi (Cream)
James Greene Shearwater (Shearwater)/ Lecherpawn/ Immigration Official (Cream)
Richard Hamilton Boss Tweedy Pie (Cream)
Andrew Jarkowsky Sailor (Shearwater)/ Dr. Kheal (Dr. Kheal)
Arthur Morey Millard Raker (Cream)
Ann Sachs Rita (Shearwater)/ Woman (Love Scene)
Lin Shaye Ann Crist (Cream)
Robert B. Silver D.A./ Androidi (Cream)
Kenneth Tigar Formeman (Cream)/ Man (Love Scene)
Matthew Tobin Rodney (Shearwater)/ Justice (Cream)
Program of four one-act plays: SHEARWATER by William Hauptman, CREAM CHEESE by Lonnie Carter, directed by Isiah Sheffer, DR. KHEAL by Maria Irene Fornes, directed by Maria Irene Fornese, and LOVE SCENE by Robert Coover, directed by Caymichael Patten.