Julia Miles


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Birdy Julia Miles Theater 12/02/2003 Founding Artistic Director
2 O Pioneers! Julia Miles Theater 05/02/2001 Artistic Director
3 Saint Lucy's Eyes Julia Miles Theater 03/28/2001 Artistic Director
4 Hard Feelings Julia Miles Theater 10/11/2000 Artistic Director
5 Two-Headed Julia Miles Theater 05/03/2000 Artistic Director
6 Our Place in Time Julia Miles Theater 01/26/2000 Artistic Director
7 Gum Julia Miles Theater 10/06/1999 Artistic Director
8 The Exact Center of the Universe Julia Miles Theater 03/30/1999 Artistic Director
9 The Knee Desires the Dirt Julia Miles Theater 10/27/1998 Artistic Director
10 The Chemistry of Change Julia Miles Theater 10/27/1998 Artistic Director
11 Phaedra in Delirium East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 01/20/1998 Artistic Director
12 The Summer in Gossensass Judith Anderson Theatre 01/20/1998 Artistic Director
13 Under a Western Sky INTAR Theatre 04/23/1997 Artistic Director
14 Terra Incognito INTAR Theatre 03/19/1997 Artistic Director
15 Crocodiles in the Potomac American Place Theatre 10/19/1995 Artistic Director
16 The Last Girl Singer Kampo Cultural Center 05/02/1995 Artistic Director
17 Why We Have a Body Judith Anderson Theatre 11/01/1994 Artistic Director
18 Black INTAR Theatre 03/07/1994 Artistic Director
19 Eating Chicken Feet Playhouse 46 10/26/1993 Artistic Director
20 The Brooklyn Trojan Women 45th Street Theatre 06/01/1993 Artistic Director
21 Dream of a Common Language Judith Anderson Theatre 05/13/1992 Artistic Director
22 Approximating Mother Judith Anderson Theatre 10/29/1991 Artistic Director
23 Night Sky Judith Anderson Theatre 05/14/1991 Artistic Director
24 The Encanto File and Other Short Plays Judith Anderson Theatre 03/19/1991 Artistic Director
25 Day Trips Judith Anderson Theatre 10/30/1990 Artistic Director
26 Tales of the Lost Formicans Apple Corps Theatre 04/17/1990 Artistic Director
27 Violent Peace Apple Corps Theatre 02/20/1990 Artistic Director
28 Mill Fire Apple Corps Theatre 10/10/1989 Artistic Director
29 Niedecker Apple Corps Theatre 05/07/1989 Artistic Director
30 Ladies Theater at St. Clement's Church 03/01/1989 Artistic Director
31 Ma Rose Apple Corps Theatre 10/11/1988 Artistic Director
32 Abingdon Square American Place Theatre 10/08/1987 Artistic Director
33 Her Talking Drum American Place Theatre 06/14/1987 Associate Director
34 James Thurber Kintypes American Place Theatre 06/02/1987 Associate Director
35 Neon Psalms American Place Theatre 10/22/1986 Associate Artistic Director
36 Consequence American Place Theatre 03/18/1986 Artistic Director
37 Williams & Walker American Place Theatre 03/09/1986 Associate Artistic Director
38 Drinking in America American Place Theatre 01/19/1986 Assistant Artistic Director
39 Breaking the Prairie Wolf Code American Place Theatre 11/13/1985 Artistic Director
40 Paducah American Place Theatre 04/08/1985 Artistic Director
41 Four Corners American Place Theatre 02/06/1985 Artistic Director
42 Terra Nova American Place Theatre 04/25/1984 Associate Director
43 The Danube American Place Theatre 03/11/1984 Associate Director
44 Do Lord Remember Me American Place Theatre 01/14/1984 Associate Director
45 A...My Name Is Alice Village Gate/ Upstairs 11/02/1983 Artistic Director
46 The Vi-Ton-Ka Medicine Show American Place Theatre 10/04/1983 Associate Director
47 Great Days American Place Theatre 06/07/1983 Associate Director
48 Territorial Rites American Place Theatre 06/01/1983 Artistic Director
49 Heart of a Dog American Place Theatre 06/01/1983 Artistic Director
50 Buck American Place Theatre 03/10/1983 Associate Director
51 Little Victories American Place Theatre 01/26/1983 Artistic Director
52 Do Lord Remember Me American Place Theatre 10/24/1982 Associate Director
53 The Regard of Flight and The Clown Bagatelles American Place Theatre 05/23/1982 Associate Director
54 The Brothers American Place Theatre 03/31/1982 Artistic Director
55 The Death of a Miner American Place Theatre 03/25/1982 Artistic Director
56 Behind the Broken Words American Place Theatre 12/04/1981 Associate Director
57 Grace American Place Theatre 10/13/1981 Associate Director
58 Constance and the Musician American Place Theatre 06/10/1981 Artistic Director
59 The Fuehrer Bunker American Place Theatre 05/26/1981 Associate Director
60 Still Life American Place Theatre 02/10/1981 Artistic Director
61 After the Revolution American Place Theatre 11/16/1980 Artistic Director
62 The Impossible H.L. Mencken American Place Theatre 10/19/1980 Associate Director
63 Killings on the Last Line American Place Theatre 05/29/1980 Associate Director
64 Personals American Place Theatre 05/08/1980 Producer
65 Rumstick Road American Place Theatre 03/27/1980 Associate Director
66 Holy Places American Place Theatre 12/06/1979 Artistic Director
67 Letters Home American Place Theatre 10/12/1979 Artistic Director
68 Warriors from a Long Childhood American Place Theatre 05/17/1979 Artistic Director
69 Tunnel Fever, or The Sheep is Out American Place Theatre 04/22/1979 Associate Director
70 Seduced American Place Theatre 02/02/1979 Associate Director
71 Touching Bottom American Place Theatre 12/10/1978 Associate Director
72 Choices American Place Theatre 11/30/1978 Artistic Director
73 The Grinding Machine American Place Theatre 10/12/1978 Associate Director
74 Conjuring an Event American Place Theatre 03/10/1978 Artistic Director
75 Fefu and Her Friends American Place Theatre 01/06/1978 Artistic Director
76 Passing Game American Place Theatre 11/18/1977 Artistic Director
77 Jules Feiffer's Hold Me! Westside Theatre/ Downstairs 02/14/1977 Associate Director
78 Isadora Duncan Sleeps with the Russian Navy American Place Theatre 01/25/1977 Associate Director
79 Rodogune American Place Theatre 11/23/1976 Associate Director
80 Comanche Cafe / Domino Courts American Place Theatre 11/11/1976 Associate Director
81 Jack Gelber's New Play: Rehearsal American Place Theatre 09/28/1976 Associate Director
82 The Old Glory American Place Theatre 04/09/1976 Associate Director
83 Every Night When the Sun Goes Down American Place Theatre 01/16/1976 Associate Director
84 Gorky American Place Theatre 10/24/1975 Associate Director
85 Rubbers / Yanks 3 Detroit 0 Top of the Seventh American Place Theatre 05/16/1975 Associate Director
86 Killer's Head / Action American Place Theatre 04/04/1975 Associate Director
87 The Beauty Part American Place Theatre 10/23/1974 Associate Director
88 The Year of the Dragon American Place Theatre 05/22/1974 Associate Director
89 A Festival of Short Plays American Place Theatre 03/06/1974 Associate Director
90 House Party Astor Place Theatre 10/16/1973 Associate Director
91 The Kid American Place Theatre 11/02/1972 Associate Director
92 The Chickencoop Chinaman American Place Theatre 05/27/1972 Associate Director
93 3 x 3 Maidman Playhouse 03/01/1962 Produced in Association
94 Fortuna Maidman Playhouse 01/03/1962 Produced in Association

General Manager/Press
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Papp Theater at St. Clement's Church 04/17/1969 General Manager
2 Trainer Dean Liepolt and Company Theater at St. Clement's Church 12/12/1968 General Manager
3 Endecott and the Red Cross Theater at St. Clement's Church 05/07/1968 General Manager
4 Posterity for Sale Theater at St. Clement's Church 05/11/1967 General Manager
5 La Turista Theater at St. Clement's Church 03/04/1967 General Manager
6 The Displaced Person Theater at St. Clement's Church 12/29/1966 General Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Journey of the Fifth Horse Theater at St. Clement's Church 04/21/1966 Production Coordinator
2 Jonah Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/15/1966 Production Coordinator

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Year of the Dragon American Place Theatre 05/22/1974 N/A