Polly Holliday


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 A Few Stout Individuals Peter Norton Space 05/12/2002 Mrs. G
2 Chaucer in Rome Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 06/07/2001 Dolo
3 The Time of the Cuckoo Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 02/21/2000 Mrs. Edith McIlhenny
4 Marco Polo Sings a Solo Peter Norton Space 09/15/1998 Mrs. McBride
5 The Pussycat and the Expert Plumber Who Was a Man Signature Theatre 03/16/1998 Woman/Speaker
6 A Quarrel of Sparrows Promenade Theatre 09/09/1993 Rosanna Ainsworth Jackson
7 Wedding Band Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 09/26/1972 Annabelle