Name: INTAR Theatre
Address: 420 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
First performance date: January 18, 1984
Opening date: January 18, 1984
Closing date: January 29, 1984
Production Description
When young Sarita sees her crush, Julio, flirting with other women, she vows to do the same with men, and at fourteen she becomes pregnant. She does not know by whom. After giving birth, she runs away and belatedly becomes Julio's lover, but his inconstancy wears on her. Even when she finally leaves him and marries a new man, Mark, she cannot give up Julio, who continues to torment her and eventually drives her into a murderous rage, the cost of which will be her sanity and freedom. Piano score available for perusal or production on request. Additional musical parts: bass, guitar, percussion, and trumpet.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
INTAR Producer
María Irene Fornés Playwright
Leon Odenz Composer
María Irene Fornés Director
Donald Eastman Set Designer
Gabriel Berry Costume Designer
Anne Militello Lighting Designer

Actor Role
Blanca Camacho Yeye
Michael Carmine Julio
Sheila Dabney Sarita
Rodolfo Diaz Fernando
Sanjeev Josh Juan
Rohan Loser Mark
Carmen Rosario Fela
Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 1984 Obie Award, Playwriting María Irene Fornés Playwright
2 WON 1984 Obie Award, Direction María Irene Fornés Director