Luisa Omielan: More Than a Thigh Gap

Name: SoHo Playhouse
Address: 15 Vandam Street, New York, NY 10013
Production Information
First performance date: September 12, 2019
Opening date:
Closing date: October 6, 2019
External Links: Official Website

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Production Description
Luisa is a Bafta Breakthrough Brit bringing an amalgamation of her award-winning stand-up comedy shows to New York for her highly anticipated American debut. It's been a dream to perform in the US as she’s a huge fan of Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. However, putting on a show in a place no-one has ever heard of you is expensive. So no-one's ever let her do it. But what's life for if it’s not for an adventure?! You gotta speculate to accumulate right? So this time, Luisa’s gorgeous fan have stepped in, they have crowdfunded this trip. Supported by a bunch of friends, Luisa is leaving the UK (whilst it's currently going just a little bit mad) and has decided to flee to the very safe, very grounded, very nothing-to-see-here haven that is America. More Than A Thigh Gap is a combination of her ground-breaking works What Would Beyoncé Do?!, Am I Right Ladies?! and Politics for Bitches Luisa’s USP is making you laugh one second and cry the next, tackling everything from body image to breakups and from career failure to cancer; empowering everyone within earshot through stand-up comedy.
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SoHo Playhouse Producer
Luisa Omielan Creator

Actor Role
Luisa Omielan Performer