The Selfish Giant

Name: Players Theatre
Address: 115 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012
Production Information
First performance date: October 13, 2018
Opening date: October 13, 2018
Closing date: November 11, 2018
Production Description
Can the laughter of a child melt the cold heart of a selfish giant? Yes it can! This adaptation of Oscar Wilde's beautiful fairytale will warm the hearts of young and old alike.

The show opens with Oscar Wilde greeting the audience and inviting us to remember our "Wilde Imagination" and our childhood; a time when we were free. Suddenly, before our eyes, an empty stage becomes the world of the Selfish Giant as the talented cast enacts this wonderful tale through the use of dance, puppetry, music and storytelling.

The Selfish Giant lived all alone in his big, cold castle - seeing no one day in and day out except his faithful servant, Martha. All around the castle lay the most beautiful garden you have ever seen, but the Giant never used his garden, he barely knew that it was there.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Literally Alive Producer
Brenda Bell Book & Lyrics
Michael Sgouros Composer
Emily Madan Choreographer
Christian Clarke Set Designer
Courtney Hansen Costume Designer
Ali Hall Lighting Designer
Elizabeth Hathaway Emond Production Stage Manager
Emma Ruopp Production Manager
Michael Sgouros Music Direction
Emily Sgouros Percussion
Michael Sgouros Percussion
Sean Statser Percussion
Frank Tyl Percussion
Eric Fletcher Voice Direction

Actor Role
Adelae Avery Allen Children's Ensemble
Emily Brady Spirit/ Hally/ Gladys
Eric Fletcher Oscar Wilde/ The Giant
Sadie Hagan Children's Ensemble
Samantha Ray Katz Children's Ensemble
Saoirse Kelly Children's Ensemble
Tristan Kelly Children's Ensemble
Rebekah Madebach Martha/ Sparky
Tory Mogelof Children's Ensemble
Charlotte Moore Children's Ensemble
Anouk Ruben Children's Ensemble
Dustin Schlairet Spirit/ Hector/ Mrytle