Babette's Feast

Name: Theater at St. Clement's Church
Address: 423 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
First performance date: March 14, 2018
Opening date: March 25, 2018
Closing date: May 13, 2018
External Links: Official Website

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Production Description
This new theatrical adaptation of Babette’s Feast premiered in January at Portland Stage Company in Portland, Maine to rave reviews and standing ovations. Conceived and developed by Abigail Killeen and written by Rose Courtney based on the beloved Dinesen short story, the play is an adaptation of the story of Babette, a French refugee, who finds asylum in a pious Norwegian village. With boundless generosity, she throws a lavish feast that becomes an agent of transformative grace. Babette’s Feast is a bundle of exciting contradictions: stark and lush, stunning and austere, mysterious and comic. Further, it is timely with a twist: Babette's Feast highlights the plight of a refugee seeking asylum, who through her munificence creates a lavish feast that becomes an abundant experience of forgiveness and connection, healing the fractured community. Babette’s Feast shows how embracing the stranger changes a community for the better – an important message for today.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Julia Beardsley O'Brien/Spikenard & Marigold Producer
Mark Rodgers & Caroline Lucas/More Partnerships Producer
Demi & Dave Kiersznowski/Common Good Associate Producer
Jennifer Carolyn King & Timothy Fredel/Rugged Elegance Foundation Associate Producer
Scott & Kerry Hasenbalg/Redemptive Ventures Associate Producer
The Cook Trust Associate Producer
The Gardner Family Associate Producer
Rose Courtney Playwright
Isak Dinesen Original Author
Abigail Killeen Conceiver
Gina Leishman Original Music
Karin Coonrod Director
Aretha Aoki Dance Consultant
Christopher Akerlind Set Designer
Oana Botez Costume Designer
Christopher Akerlind Lighting Designer
Kate Marvin Sound Designer
Christopher Thompson Assistant Set Designer
Eric Mitchell Assistant Lighting Designer
Caitlin Smith Rapoport Assistant Lighting Designer
Matthew Fischer Assistant Sound Designer
Edmund Gaynes General Manager
Jessimeg Productions General Manager
David Gersten & Associates Press Representative
Krista Swan Production Stage Manager
Sean Casey Flanagan Assistant Stage Manager
Drew Francis Production Manager

Actor Role
Michelle Hurst Babette
Juliana Francis Kelly Philippa
Abigail Killeen Martine
Jo Mei Player 2
Elliot Nye Player 5
Steven Skybell Player 3
Sorab Wadia Player 6
Sturgis Warner Player 1
Jeorge Bennett Watson Player 4
Award Person / Company Function
1 NOMINATED 2018 Off Broadway Alliance Award, Best Unique Theatrical Experience Julia Beardsley O'Brien/Spikenard & Marigold Producer
      Mark Rodgers & Caroline Lucas/More Partnerships Producer
      Rose Courtney Playwright