Freefall Frostbite: The Reinvention

Name: Theater 80 St. Marks
Address: 80 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10003
Production Information
Number of performances: 8
First performance date: October 19, 2017
Opening date: October 19, 2017
Closing date: October 29, 2017
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Production Description
It is a frigid New Year’s Eve, as Steven and Sharon wait behind the velvet ropes to enter an exclusive club. They are forced to face reality, in all its terrible magnificence, as they are denied entry by the Doormen and challenged by the vagrants. Sometimes we have dreams and goals that we’ve yearned for so long that we don’t know if we still yearn for them, or if we want them out of habit. Freefall Frostbite is what happens when everything you’ve been holding onto falls away. Join us and "be forever changed."
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Michael Fixel Producer
Xylina Golding Producer
Janette Lynott Producer
David Oberst Producer
Juliet Fixel Artistic Director
Juliet Fixel Executive Producer
Michael Fixel Playwright
David Oberst Original Music
Jordan Bland1 Director
Shirelle Ruddock2 Director
Jon Aisenberg3 Musical Director
Juliet Fixel Choreographer
Ashley Osterer Costume Designer
Ophelia Chua Lighting Designer
Charley Aldridge Graphic Designer
Kordell Draper Stage Manager
David Oberst Music Direction
David Oberst Orchestrations
Josh Kuzmierz Arranger

1Second Director.
2Third Director.
3Second Music Director.

Actor Role
Kelmi Bermudez Doorman
Ellen Brown Line Member
Donnie Chauncey Line Member
Juliet Fixel Sharon
Daniel Hughes Line Member
Jennie Hughes Violinist
Alexander Hunt Homeless 1
Adam James King Doorman
Brian Mason Steven
Mikey Perdue Homeless 3
Chris Price Line Member
Katie Rhoades Line Member
Danelle Rivera Susan
Jonmichael Tarleton Scholar
Bre Tomey Homeless 2
Sarah Winter Rising Star