Elephant Woman

Name: One Sheridan Square
Address: 1 Sheridan Square, New York, NY 10014
Production Information
Opening date: June 1, 1979
Production Description
Elephant Woman was sort of a victorian-style vaudeville of carnival sideshow acts and circus freaks. The show would radically change from week to week, depending on the cast's availability.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Charles Ludlam Playwright

Actor Role
John D. Brockmeyer Nurse Friendly
Ghislaine Chantelle N/A
Kevin Kelleher N/A
Adam Kilgore the faceless Woman
Edward McGowan1 N/A
Deborah Petti N/A
Everett Quinton Master of Ceremonies
Vicki Raab N/A
Robert Reddy Madame Beluga

1Credited as Ed Mcgowan.
Replacement Credits

Actor Role
Charles Busch N/A
Georg Osterman Nurse Friendly
Robert Whitehead N/A
This show opened in the June 1979. The exact opening/closing date is unknown. It was shown every Saturday at midnight.