Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Name: Village Gate/ Downstairs
Address: 158 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Information
Number of performances: 1847
Opening date: January 22, 1968
Closing date: July 2, 1972
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
3 W Productions Inc.1 Producer
Eric Blau Conceiver
Mort Shuman Conceiver
Jacques Brel Music
Jacques Brel Lyricist
Eric Blau English Lyrics
Mort Shuman English Lyrics
Eric Blau Additional Material
Mort Shuman Additional Material
Moni Yakim Director
Mort Shuman Musical Director
Henry E. Scott III Set Designer
Ilka Suarez Costume Designer
James Nisbet Clark Lighting Designer
James Nisbet Clark Production Stage Manager
Wolfgang Knittel Conductor
Wolfgang Knittel Arranger

1Credited as 3 W Productions.

Actor Role
Shawn Elliott N/A
Mort Shuman N/A
Elly Stone N/A
Alice Whitefield N/A