Le Malade Imaginaire

Name: Phoenix Theatre
Address: 334 East 74th Street, New York, NY 10021
Production Information
Number of performances: 8
Opening date: April 29, 1958
Closing date: May 4, 1958
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Phoenix Theatre Producer
T. Edward Hambleton Managing Director
Norris Houghton Managing Director
Moliere Playwright
Clermont Pepin Music
Jean Gascon Director
Robert Prevost Set Designer
Anthony Geiss Press Representative
Ben Kornzweig Press Representative
Robert Prevost Stage Manager
Robert Woods Stage Manager

Actor Role
Victor Desy Monsieur Fleurant/ The Doctor
Andre Gascon Supernumerary
Gabriel Gascon Polichinelle/ President of The Faculty of Medicine
Jean Gascon Beralde
Georges Grouix Monsieur Bonnefoy/ Monsieur Purgon
Guy Hoffman Argan
Jean-Paul Jeannotte The Signer
Gaetan Labreche Cleante
Huguette Oligny Toinette
Jean-Louis Paris Monsieur Diafoirus
Denise Pelletier Beline
Louise Pichette Louison
Robert Prevost Supernumery
Jean-Louis Roux Thomas Diafoirus
Denyse Saint-Pierre Angelique