Name: Rooftop Theatre
Address: 111 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10009
Production Information
Number of performances: 194
Opening date: November 7, 1957
Closing date: April 27, 1958
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Leo Kerz Producer
Leonard Lesley Producer
Joy Thompson Producer
Marcel Ayme Playwright
Norman Denny Adaptation
Alvin Sapinsley Adaptation
Ira Cirker Director
Ruth Morley Costume Designer
Leo Kerz Design
Leonard Soloway General Manager
Philip Bloom Press Representative
David Lipsky Press Representative
Alison Akin Stage Manager
Chris Mahan Stage Manager

Actor Role
Edith Atwater Comtesse Louise de Clerambard
Claude Dauphin Comte Hector de Clerambard
Robert Dryden Priest
Alvin Epstein Vicomte Octave de Clerambard
Sharon Gans Evelyne Galuchon
Martha Greenhouse Madame Galuchon
Tammy Grimes The Flounder
Will Kuluva Maitre Galuchon
Ruth McDevitt Madame de Lere
Gordon Peters A Monk/ A Doctor
Barbara Rockmill Brigitte Galuchon
Ellis Smith A Soldier
Fiddle Viracola Etiennette Galuchon