The Theatre of Chance

Name: Living Theatre
Address: 148 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
Production Information
Number of performances: 50
Opening date: June 22, 1960
Production Description
Two one-act plays: The Marrying Maiden by Jackson MacLow, and Women Of Trachis by Sophocles.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Living Theatre Producer
Julian Beck Producer
Judith Malina Producer
Jackson MacLow Playwright
Sophocles Playwright
Ezra Pound1 Adaptation
John Cage Music
Lucia Dlugoszewski Music
Julian Beck1 Director
Judith Malina2 Director
Julian Beck Set Designer
Nicola Cernovich Lighting Designer
Nicola Cernovich Lighting Designer
William Shari Stage Manager
Willard Maas Film
Marie Menken Film

1Women Of Trachis.
2The Marrying Maiden.

Actor Role
Marilyn Chris Woman (Women of Trachis)
Iris Clay Captive Woman (Women of Trachis)
John A. Coe The Great Man (Marrying Maiden)
Jennie Davis The Marrying Maiden (Marrying Maiden)
Jennie Davis Woman (Women of Trachis)
Sue Fearing Captive Woman (Women in Trachis)
Warren Finnerty Likhas (Women of Trachis)
Garry Goodrow Messenger (Women of Trachis)
Giselle Heinimann Captive Woman (Women of Trachis)
Leonard Hicks The Superior Man (Marrying Maiden)
Leonard Hicks Heracles (Women of Trachis)
Jeanne Johnson Captive Woman (Women of Trachis)
Carl Lee Ancient King III: Abdullah bin Fazil (Marrying Maiden)
Ira Lewis Hyllos (Women of Trachis)
Judith Malina Daysair (Women of Trachis)
Ethel Manuelian A Maiden (Marrying Maiden)
Ethel Manuelian Attendant to Heracles (Women of Trachis)
Bennes Mardenn Ancient King II: David (Marrying Maiden)
Louis McKenzie Ancient King I: Pharoh (Marrying Maiden)
Henry Proach The Dice Thrower (Marrying Maiden)
Dawn Pullin Captive Woman (Women of Trachis)
Katheryn Ramsey Captive Woman (Women of Trachis)
Jerome Raphel A Merchant/ Stranger (Marrying Maiden)
Cynthia Robinson Attendant to Heracles (Women of Trachis)
Heather Bruyere Rodin Captain Woman (Women of Trachis)
Valda Setterfield Captive Woman (Women of Trachis)
Janet Weinberger Captive Woman (Women of Trachis)
Barbara Winchester Nurse (Women of Trachis)
Jamil Zakkai The Ruler (Marrying Maiden)
Jamil Zakkai Attendant to Heracles (Women of Trachis)