King Lear

Name: Union Square Theatre
Address: 100 East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003
Note: At the time this production played the theatre was known as the Christian C. Yegen Theatre.
Production Information
Number of performances: 80
Opening date: October 9, 1990
Closing date: December 16, 1990
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Roundabout Theatre Company Producer
Todd Haimes Producing Director
Gene Feist Founding Director
William Shakespeare Playwright
John Morris Music
Gerald Freedman Director
Robert L. Behrens Fight Director
John Ezell Set Designer
Robert Wojewodski Costume Designer
Thomas Skelton Lighting Designer
Tom Mardikes Sound Designer
Joshua Ellis Office Press Representative
Kathy J. Faul Production Stage Manager

Actor Role
Peter Aylward King Lear (weekday matinees)
Peter Aylward Curan
Gloria Biegler Cordelia
Andrew Boyer Cornwall
Simon Brooking King of France
John Buck Jr. Albany
Hal Holbrook King Lear
Suzy Hunt Goneril
John Hutton Edmund
Michael James-Reed Edgar
Richard Long Knights of Lear’s train / Servant / Soldier / Attendants / Gentleman
Christopher McCann Lear's Fool
Kevin McCarty Knight
Patrick Mulcahy Burgundy
Margery Murray Regan
Eric Nolan Albany Officer
Ron Randell Gloucester
Stephen Roselin Knights of Lear’s train / Servant / Soldier / Attendants / Gentleman
David Ruckman Messenger to Albany
Andrew M. Segal Captain
Gary Sloan Oswald
Darrell Starnik Cornwall Servant
Justin Thompson Cornwall Servant
Eric Vogt Messenger to Cordelia/ 2nd Messenger to Albany
William Wilson Herald
John Woodson Kent