The Old Glory

Name: Theater at St. Clement's Church
Address: 423 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
Number of performances: 36
Opening date: November 1, 1964
Closing date: December 12, 1964
Production Description
Program of two one-act plays by Robert Lowell: My Kinsman Major Molineux based on the short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Benito Cereno based on the short story by Herman Melville.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
American Place Theatre Producer
Jean B. Webster Produced in Association
Robert Lowell Playwright
Yehudi Wyner Music
Jonathan Miller Director
Esther Brooks Choreographer
Will Steven Armstrong Set Designer
Willa Kim Costume Designer
Will Steven Armstrong Lighting Designer
Martin Shwartz Press Representative
Peter Galambos Production Stage Manager

Actor Role
Luke Andreas Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
Luke Andreas Spanish Sailor (Benito Cereno)
Thomas Barbour Clergyman (My Kinsman)
Ernest Baxter Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Antonie Becker Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
Heywood Hale Broun Man in Periwig (My Kinsman)
June Brown Negro Slave (Bentio Cereno)
Roscoe Lee Browne Babu (Benito Cereno)
Judith Byrd Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Clayton Corbin Ferryman (My Kinsman)
Clayton Corbin Atufal (Benito Cereno)
Ethan Courtney Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Jay Doyle First Barber (My Kinsman)
Hurman Fitzgerald Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Lane Floyd Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Gene Foreman Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Mary Foreman Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
William Jacobson 1st Redcoat (My Kinsman)
William Jacobson Spanish Sailor (Benito Cereno)
Walter Jones Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Woodie King Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Richard Kjelland Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
Richard Kjelland American Sailor (Benito Cereno)
Frank Langella Don Benito Cereno (Benito Cereno)
Scottie MacGregor Prostitute (My Kinsman)
Jill Malin Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
Howard Martin Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
Howard Martin American Sailor (Benito Cereno)
Gaylord Mason Major Molineu (My Kinsman)
Tom McDermott Colonel Greenough (My Kinsman)
M.S. Mitchell Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Blaise Morton Boy (My Kinsmen)
Martha Neag Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
Paul Plummer Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
Paul Plummer Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Logan Ramsey Tavern Keeper (My Kinsman)
Lester Rawlins Captain Amasa Delano (Benito Cereno)
Jack Ryland Watchman (My Kinsman)
Jack Ryland John Perkins (Benito Cereno)
Michael Schultz Francesco (Benito Cereno)
George A. Sharpe Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Lonnie Stevens Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Thomas J. Stubblefield Robin (My Kinsman)
Robert Tinsley 2nd Redcoat (My Kinsman)
Sigrunn Waage Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
E. Emmet Walsch Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
E. Emmet Walsch American Sailor (Benito Cereno)
Aston Young Negro Slave (Benito Cereno)
Conway W. Young American Sailor (Benito Cereno)
James Zaferes Man With Pewter Mug/ Citizen of Boston (My Kinsman)
James Zaferes Spanish Sailor (Benito Cereno)
Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 1965 Obie Award, Best Performance Roscoe Lee Browne Actor
      Frank Langella Actor
      Lester Rawlins Actor
2 WON 1965 Obie Award, Best Play Robert Lowell Playwright