Young Playwrights Festival (2001)

Name: Cherry Lane Theatre
Address: 38 Commerce Street, New York, NY 10014
Production Information
Number of performances: 48
Opening date: October 26, 2001
Closing date: December 1, 2001
Production Description
Four plays.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Young Playwrights Inc. Producer
Sheri M. Goldhirsch Artistic Director
Brett W. Reynolds Managing Director
Lucy Alibar-Harrison1 Playwright
Yelena Elkind2 Playwright
Jeb G. Havens3 Playwright
Julia Jarcho4 Playwright
Richard Caliban5 Director
Padraic Lillis6 Director
Beth F. Milles7 Director
Brett W. Reynolds8 Director
Michael Brown Set Designer
Miguel Angel Huidor Costume Designer
Pat Dignan Lighting Designer
Jill BC Du Boff Sound Designer
Terence Womble Press Representative
Justin Donham Production Stage Manager
Jennifer O'Byrne Production Stage Manager
Joseph M. Dempsey Production Manager
Morgan Jenness Dramaturg
Maxine Kern Dramaturg
Ben Pesner Dramaturg
Kate Moira Ryan Dramaturg
Michele Ortlip C.S.A. Casting

1Author of Gorgeous Raptors.
2Author of Johnny Likaboot Kills His Father!!.
3Author of Conference Time.
4Author of Nursery.
5Director of Johnny Likaboot Kills His Father!!.
6Director of Conference Time.
7Director of Gorgeous Raptors.
8Director of Nursery.

Actor Role
Sarah Bragin Kaballah (Gorgeous Raptors)/ Debby (Conference Time)
Shannon Emerick Zoe (Gorgeous Raptors)/ Jenny (Nursery)
Steven Hauck Dad (Johnny Likaboot Kills His Father!!)/ Gus/ Mr. Degage (Gorgeous Raptors)
Cynthia Hood Mother (Johnny Likaboot)/ Jennifer (Gorgeous Raptors)/ Susan (Nursery)
Ann Hu Elise (Gorgeous Raptors)/ Anna (Conference Time)
Brad Malow Borris (Conference Time)/ John (Nursery)
Geoffrey Molloy Justin (Gorgeous Raptors)/ Edward (Conference Time)/ Todd (Nursery)
Michael Mosley Johnny (Johnny Likaboot)/ Carl (Conference Time)
Robin L. Taylor Kid/ Sheep (Gorgeous Raptors)/ Oren Peters (Nursery)