Young Playwrights Festival (1990)

Name: Playwrights Horizons
Address: 416 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
Number of performances: 29
Opening date: September 11, 1990
Closing date: October 6, 1990
Production Description
Four plays: Mutterschaft by Gregory Clayman (directed by Michael Mayer), Believing by Allison Birch (directed by Clinton Turner Davis), Psychoneurotic Phantasies by Gilbert David Feke (directed by Gloria Muzio), Hey Little Walter by Carla D. Alleyne (directed by Mark Brokaw).
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Foundation of the Dramatists Guild Producer
Nancy Quinn Producing Director
Sheri M. Goldhirsch Managing Director
Carla D. Alleyne Playwright
Allison Birch Playwright
Gregory Clayman Playwright
Gilbert David Feke Playwright
Mark Brokaw Director
Clinton Turner Davis Director
Michael Mayer Director
Gloria Muzio Director
B.H. Barry Fight Director
Allen Moyer Set Designer
Claudia Stephens Costume Designer
Pat Dignan Lighting Designer
Janet Kalas Sound Designer
Shirley Herz Associates Press Representative
Janet FitzSimmons Production Stage Manager
Liz Small Stage Manager
Cathy Diane Tomlin Stage Manager
Tom Aberger Production Manager
Victoria Abrash Dramaturg
Morgan Jenness Dramaturg
Karen Jones-Meadows Dramaturg
OyamO Dramaturg
Daniel Swee & Rosalie Joseph, C.S.A. Casting

Actor Role
Jane Adams Opal (Mutterschaft)/ Elaine (Psychoneurotic Phantasies)
Walter Bobbie Freud (Psychoneurotic Phantasies)
Lisa Carson Nicky (Hey Little Walter)
Seth Gilliam Rakim (Hey Little Walter)
Natalia Harris Latoya (Hey Little Walter)
Zakee Howze David (Believing)
Kevin Jackson Martin (Believing)
Marjorie Johnson Miss Agnes (Believing)
Mia Korf Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Leslie Lyles Mom (Mutterschaft)/ Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Bruce MacVittie Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Cynthia Martells Thelma (Believing)/ Mama (Hey Little Walter)
Sasha Mujica Sharon (Believing)
Sean Nelson Treybag (Hey Little Walter)
Harold Perrineau Jr. Evan (Mutterschaft)/ Walter (Hey Little Walter)
Wendell Pierce Boysie (Believing)/ Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Angela Pietropinto Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Tonya Pinkins Lawna (Believing)/ Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Kevin Rock Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Michael Rogers Frank (Believing)
Merlin Santana Albert (Hey Little Walter)
Christopher Shaw Joshua (Phantasies)
Victor Slezak Klaus (Mutterschaft)/ Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Jill Tasker Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Lenny Venito Psychocompany (Phantasies)
Chandra Wilson Leater (Believing)