Young Playwrights Festival (1982)

Name: Circle Repertory Theatre
Address: 99 7th Avenue South, New York, NY 10014
Production Information
Number of performances: 24
Opening date: April 27, 1982
Closing date: May 16, 1982
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Circle Repertory Company Producer
Dramatists Guild Fund, Inc. Producer
Adam Berger Playwright
Juliet Garson Playwright
Stephen Gutwillig Playwright
Jennie Litt Playwright
Kenneth Lonergan Playwright
Shoshana Marchand Playwright
John McNamara Playwright
Peter Murphy Playwright
Lynnette M. Serrano Playwright
Anne Pierson Wiese Playwright
Louis Rosen Music
David Valentin Music
Gerald Chapman Director
Arthur Laurents Director
Marshall W. Mason Director
Elinor Renfield Director
Carole Rothman Director
John Lee Beatty Set Designer
Ann Roth Costume Designer
Dennis Parichy Lighting Designer
Chuck London Sound Designer
Stewart Werner Sound Designer
Jody Boese Production Stage Manager
Kate Stewart Stage Manager

Actor Role
Kate Anthony Sally (The Bronx Zoo)/ Theresa (So What Are We Gonna Do Now?)
Jonathan Bolt Stew (Bluffing)/ Mr. Swell (It's Time for a Change)/ Ramon/Doctor (The Bronx Zoo)/ George (Half Fare)/ John (So What Are We Gonna Do Now?)
Timothy Busfield Rick (Bluffing)/ Norm Prescott (Present Tense)/ Kirk Swell (It's Time...)/ Louie (The Bronx Zoo)/ Jennifer (So What...?)
Wanda De Jesus Margie (Present Tense)/ Susan (It's Time)/ Evie (The Bronx Zoo)
Lucy Deakins Joyce (The Bronx Zoo)/ Jennifer (So What...?)
Trish Hawkins A Blond (Present Tense)/ Mary Jones (The Rennings Children)/ Amanda (It's Time)/ Elsie (The Bronx Zoo)/ Patricia (So What...?)
David Labiosa Doug Domineri (Present Tense)/ Ben (It's Time)/ Junito (The Bronx Zoo)/ Evan (Half Fare)
Bruce McCarty Tony (Bluffing)/ Paul Rennings (The Rennings Children)/ Jerry (Present Tense)/ Bruce (It's Time)/ Mike (The Bronx Zoo)
Alba Oms Dr. Pierceson (The Rennings Children)/ Mother's Voice (Present Tense)/ Mrs. Swell (It's Time)/ Lucy (The Bronx Zoo)/ Mary (So What...?)
Burke Pearson Bill (Bluffing)/ Parkinson (The Rennings Children)/ Jim (It's Time)/ Bum (The Bronx Zoo)/ Third Man (So What...?)
James Pickens Jr. Pete (Bluffing)/ Attendant (The Rennings Children)/ Mr. Fend (It's Time)/ Santo (The Bronx Zoo)/ Second Man (So What...?)
Zaina Rivera Clara (The Bronx Zoo)
Karen Sederholm Ann Allen (Present Tense)/ Sally (It's Time)/ Rosie (The Bronx Zoo)/ Claudia (Half Fare)
Ted Sod Charlie (Bluffing)/ Allan (It's Time)/ Angel (The Bronx Zoo)/ First Man (So What...?)
Two programs of seven plays: Bluffing by Peter Murphy (dir. Carole Rothman), The Rennings Children by Kenneth Lonergan (dir. Marshall W. Mason), Present Tense by John McNamara (dir. Marshall W. Mason), It’s Time for a Change by Adam Berger (dir. Elinor Renfield), The Bronx Zoo by Lynnette Serrano (dir. Gerald Chapman), Half Fare by Shoshana Marchand (dir. Elinor Renfield), So What Are We Gonna Do Now? by Juliet Garson (dir. Arthur Laurents). Plus readings of three plays: Coleman, S.D. by Anne Pierson Wiese (dir. Carole Rothman), In the Way by Stephen Gutwillig (dir. Carole Rothman), Epiphany by Jennie Litt (dir. Gerald Chapman). Gerald Chapman, Festival Director Peggy Hansen, Festival Administrator