Just For Openers

Name: Upstairs at the Downstairs
Address: 37 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019
Production Information
Number of performances: 395
Opening date: November 3, 1965
Closing date: June 11, 1966
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Rod Warren Producer
Rod Warren Conceiver
Larry Alexander Lyricist
William Dyer Lyricist
Ed Fearon Lyricist
David Finkle Lyricist
Michael McWhinney Lyricist
John Meyer Lyricist
Drey Shepperd Lyricist
William Goldenberg Composer
Lee Holdridge Composer
Ed Kresley Composer
Stephen Lawrence Composer
Don Parks Composer
Bill Weeden Composer
Alan Freidman Composer/Lyricist
Rod Warren Composer/Lyricist
Fannie Flagg Material
Bill Kaufman Material
Paul Korento Material
Gayle Parent Material
Kenny Solms Material
Sandra Devlin Director
Michael Cohen Musical Director
Charles E. Hoefler Lighting Designer
William J. McAnallen Lighting Designer
Richard O'Brien Press Representative
Dorothy Ross Press Representative
George Curley Stage Manager
Michael Cohen Piano
Edward Morris Piano

Actor Role
Betty Aberlin N/A
Richard Blair N/A
Stockton Brigel N/A
R.G. Brown N/A
Fannie Flagg N/A
Madeline Kahn N/A