The Game is Up

Name: Downstairs at the Upstairs
Address: 37 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019
Production Information
Number of performances: 228
Opening date: June 15, 1965
Closing date: October 16, 1965
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Rod Warren Producer
Rod Warren Conceiver
Les Roberts Story
Richard Blair Lyricist
Michael McWhinney Lyricist
Jerry Powell Composer
Ted Simons Composer
Alan Freidman Songs
James Rusk Songs
Frank Underwood Songs
Rod Warren Songs & Sketches
Dee Caruso Material
Bill Levine Material
Joan Rivers Material
Les Roberts Material
Hap Schlein Material
Treva Silverman Material
Michael Cohen Musical Director
Daniel Strickland Musical Director
Dorothy Ross Press Representative
George Curley Stage Manager
Michael Cohen Musical Arrangements
Daniel Strickland Musical Arrangements

Actor Role
Richard Blair N/A
R.G. Brown N/A
Virgil Curry N/A
Judy Knaiz N/A
Marian Mercer N/A
Carol Morley N/A
Replacement Credits

Actor Role
Betty Aberlin N/A
Ruth Buzzi N/A
Linda Lavin N/A
First edition closed March 6, 1965, replaced by new edition March 11, 1965. Third edition opened June 15, 1965 and closed October 16, 1965.