Name: Mercer Arts Center
Address: 673 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Production Information
Number of performances: 1
Opening date: February 8, 1970
Closing date: February 8, 1970
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Parallel Productions Producer
Stephanie Sills Producer
Eric Levy Book
Mike Brandt Lyricist
Michael Knight Lyricist
Mike Brandt Composer
Michael Knight Composer
Robert J. Lowery Composer
Sondra Lee Director
Thom Janusz Musical Director
Peter Harvey Set Designer
Stanley Simmons Costume Designer
William Mintzer Lighting Designer
Bob Ullman Press Representative
Thom Janusz Arranger

Actor Role
Penelope Bodry N/A
Mike Brandt N/A
Igors Gavon N/A
Megan Kay N/A
Michael Knight N/A
Pamela Talus N/A
This production played at the Mercer- O'Casey Theatre.