One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Name Address From To
Mercer Arts Center1 673 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
03/23/1971 08/03/1973
Eastside Playhouse 334 East 74th Street
New York, NY 10021
08/14/1973 09/16/1973

1This production played at the Mercer- Hansberry Theatre at the Mercer Arts Center. The collapse of a nearby hotel on August 3, 1973 forced the production to relocate to the Eastside Playhouse on Tuesday, August 14, 1973. There it stayed throughout the remainder of the run.
Production Information
Number of performances: 1025
Opening date: March 23, 1971
Closing date: September 16, 1973
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Sankowich/Golyn Productions Producer
Dale Wasserman Playwright
Lee D. Sankowich Director
Neil Peter Jampolis Design
Patricia McLean Krawitz Press Representative
Seymour Krawitz Press Representative
Dan Hild Stage Manager
Harvey Medlinsky Production Supervisor

Actor Role
Jack Aaron Dr. Spivey
Sydney Andreani Sandy
Doug Armand Voice
James Barnett Voice
John Blakely Voice
William Burns Chief Bromden
Edwin Cooper Frank Scanlon
Danny De Devito Anthony Martini
William Devane Randle Patrick McMurphy
Lawrie Driscoll Billie Bibbitt
William Duff-Griffin Charles Atkins Cheswick III
John Garber Voice
Teddi Kern Voice
Jeffrey Miller Aide Turkle
Kelly Monaghan Technician
Joseph Napoli Ruckly
Marc Nelsen Voice
Eve Packer Nurse Flinn
William Patterson Jr. Aide Williams
Louie Piday Candy
John Henry Redwood Aide Washington
Danny Rich Voice
Lee D. Sankowich Voice
James Sloyan Dale Harding
Janet Ward Nurse Ratched
Marlena Lustik Nurse Ratched UNDERSTUDY
Replacement Credits

Actor Role
Thomas Barrett Technician
Art Berwick Dale Harding
Bruce Bouchard Billy Bibbitt
Peter Boyden Technician
Scott Bruno Technician
Lou Bullock Dr. Spivey
Kevin Conway Randle Patrick McMurphy
Lee Cotterell Ruckly
Jane Cronin Nurse Ratched
Carolyn Cunningham Nurse Flinn
James Dickson Aide Williams
Jerry Dodge Billy Bibbitt
Earl Ferguson Aide Turkle
Maxwell Gail Jr. Chief Bromden
John D. Gowans Charles Atkins Cheswick III
Frank Hall Technician
James Himelsbach Technician
Charles Kashi Aide Turkle
Wendy Lee Nurse Flinn
Sherman Lloyd Frank Scanlon
Marlena Lustik Candy
Jeffrey Miller Aide Turkle
Michael Mitchell Aide Williams
Kelly Monaghan Billy Bibbitt
John Henry Redwood Aide Washington
Andrea Skolnick Nurse Flinn
Lane Smith Randle Patrick McMurphy
James B. Spann Dr. Spivey
Larry Spinelli Anthony Martini
David Stewart Aide Turkle
Jeannie Teller Sandy
George Welbes Randle Patrick McMurphy
Donn Whyte Chief Bromden