Winnie the Pooh

Name: Bil Baird Theatre
Address: 59 Barrow Street, New York, NY 10014
Production Information
Number of performances: 44
Opening date: October 29, 1972
Closing date: December 17, 1972
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
American Puppet Arts Council Producer
Bil Baird Marionettes Producer
Bil Baird Executive Director
Arthur Cantor Executive Producer
Frank Sullivan Artistic Associate
A.J. Russell Adaptation
A.A. Milne Book
Jack Brooks Music
Jack Brooks Lyricist
A.A. Milne Lyricist
Lee Theodore Director
Alvy West Musical Director
Frank Rowley Press Representative
Carl Harms Production Manager
Alvy West Musical Arrangements

Actor Role
Bil Baird Owl
Peter Baird Roo
Pady Blackwood Kanga/ Rabbit
Olga Felgemacher Christopher Robin
John O'Malley Tigger
Frank Sullivan Winnie-the-Pooh
The Simon Sisters Mice
William Tost Eeyore
Byron Whiting Piglet