Name: Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater
Address: 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Information
Number of performances: 15
Opening date: June 7, 1978
Closing date: June 18, 1978
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Yale Repertory Theatre Producer
Bernard Gersten Associate Producer
Moliere Playwright
Albert Bermel Translation
Andrei Serban Director
Michael Yeargan Set Designer
Dunya Ramicova Costume Designer
James H. Gage Lighting Designer
Merle Debuskey Press Representative
Jan Geidt Press Representative
Bob Ullman Press Representative
Frank S. Torok Production Stage Manager
Patrizia Norcia Vocal Direction

Actor Role
Norma Brustein Gypsy (The Forced Marriage)
Norma Brustein Martine (Sganarelle)
William Converse-Roberts Lycaste (The Forced Marriage)
William Converse-Roberts Lelie (Sganarelle)
William Converse-Roberts N/A (A Dumb Show)
Peter Crombie Villebrequin (Sganarelle)
Peter Crombie N/A (A Dumb Show)
Joyce Fideor Dorimene (The Forced Marriage)
Joyce Fideor Celie (Sganarelle)
Joyce Fideor N/A (A Dumb Show)
Jeremy Geidt Alcantor (The Forced Marriage)
David Marshall Grant Valere (The Flying Doctor)
David Marshall Grant Alcidas (The Forced Marriage)
David Marshall Grant N/A (A Dumb Show)
Michael Gross Georgibus (The Flying Doctor)
Michael Gross N/A (A Dumb Show)
Michael Gross N/A (A Dumb Show)
Richard Grusin Gros-Rene (The Flying Doctor)
Richard Grusin Geromino (The Forced Marriage)
Richard Grusin Georgibus (Sganarelle)
Mark Linn-Baker Sganarelle (The Flying Doctor)
Mark Linn-Baker Marphurius (The Forced Marriage)
Mark Linn-Baker Valere (Sganarelle)
Mark Linn-Baker N/A (A Dumb Show)
Jonathan Marks Lawyer (The Flying Doctor)
Jonathan Marks Gros-Rene (Sganarelle)
Jonathan Marks N/A (A Dumb Show)
Patrizia Norcia Gypsy (The Forced Marriage)
Patrizia Norcia Lisette (Sganarelle)
Elizabeth Norment Sabine (The Flying Doctor)
Elizabeth Norment Gypsy (The Forced Marriage)
Elizabeth Norment N/A (A Dumb Show)
Marianne Owen Lucile (The Flying Doctor)
Marianne Owen Pancrace/ Gypsy (The Forced Marriage)
Marianne Owen N/A (A Dumb Show)
Eugene Troobnick Sgnarelle (The Forced Marriage)
Program of four farces by Moliere: THE FLYING DOCTOR, THE FORCED MARRIAGE and SGANARELLE.