The Harold Arlen Songbook

Name: Stage 73
Address: 321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021
Production Information
Number of performances: 41
Opening date: February 28, 1967
Closing date: April 2, 1967
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Robert Elston Producer
Ray Ramirez Producer
Robert Elston Conceiver
Harold Arlen Lyricist
Truman Capote Lyricist
Dorothy Fields Lyricist
E.Y. Harburg Lyricist
Ted Koehler Lyricist
Dory Langdon Lyricist
Johnny Mercer Lyricist
Leo Robin Lyricist
Billy Rose Lyricist
Harold Arlen Composer
Robert Elston Director
George Taros Musical Director
Tony Quintavalla Lighting Designer
Michael F. Goldstein Inc. Press Representative
Bud Jarvis Stage Manager
Lee Holdridge Orchestrations
George Taros Musical Arrangements

Actor Role
Pamela Hall N/A
Jerry Holmes N/A
Marcia Mohr N/A
Ray Ramirez N/A
Major Wiley N/A