Dead End Kids

Name: Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater
Address: 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Information
Number of performances: 97
Opening date: November 18, 1980
Closing date: March 1, 1981
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Joseph Papp Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival Producer
Joseph Papp Producer
JoAnne Akalaitis Conceiver
JoAnne Akalaitis Director
Gail Conrad Choreographer
Mary Overlie Choreographer
Michael Smith Choreographer
JoAnne Akalaitis Set Designer
Robert Israel Set Designer
Sally Rosen Costume Designer
Beverly Emmons Lighting Designer
Ed Bullins Press Representative
Merle Debuskey Press Representative
John Howlett Press Representative
Richard Kornberg Press Representative
Jason Steven Cohen Production Supervisor

Actor Role
George Bartenieff Faust/L.R. Groves
David Brisbin Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
David Brisbin Mephistopheles
Chas Cowing Alchemy Announcer
John Fistos Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
John Fistos Mephistopheles
Juliet Glass Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
Juliet Glass Taped Voice
Zachary Glass Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
Hilary Granson Taped Voices
Michael Kuhling Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
Michael Kuhling Head Alchemist
Michael Kuhling Mephistopheles
Ruth Maleczech Madame Curie
Ellen McElduff Mary/Prophetess/Gretchen/Secretary/Tracy Henson
Greg Mehrten Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
Greg Mehrten Mephistopheles
Greg Mehrten Gossip Columnist
Terry O'Reilly Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
Terry O'Reilly Magician
Terry O'Reilly Mephistopheles
William Raymond Taped Voice
B-St. John Schofield Lecturer
B-St. John Schofield Mephistopheles
Scotty Snyder Scientist/Alchemist/Citizen/Observer
At the time this production played the theatre was known as the Other Stage