Faust: Part One

Name: East 13th Street/CSC Theatre
Address: 136 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Information
Opening date: October 31, 1982
Closing date: May 8, 1983
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Classic Stage Company Producer
Christopher Martin Artistic Director
Dan J. Martin Managing Director
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Playwright
Philip Wayne Adaptation
Frank Wedekind Songs
Christopher Martin Director
Karen Sunde Assistant Director
Christopher Martin Set Designer
Miriam Nieves Costume Designer
Rick Butler Lighting Designer
Krista M. Altok Press Representative
Will Maitland Weiss Press Representative
Christine Michael Stage Manager
Helmut Lohner Vocalist
Karen Sunde Dramaturg

Actor Role
Brenda Lynn Bynum Peasant/Witch
Ginger Grace Girl/Gretchen
Dennis La Valle Peasant/Citizen/Warlock
Thomas Lenz Old Man/Frosch/Citizen/Huckster Witch
Christy Lowery Peasant/Citizen/Witch
Howard Lucas Siebel/Citizen/Author
Christopher Martin Director/Faust
Barry Mulholland Student/Valentine/Minister
Bill Nickerson Peasant/Ape/Soldier/Warlock
Mary Eileen O'Donnell Witch/Martha/Old Witch
Diane Rieck Peasant/Witch
Van Santvoord Peasant/Ape/Soldier/Warlock
Noble Shropshire Mephisto
Gary Sloan Poet/Faust
Tom Spackman Actor/Earth Spirit/He-Ape/Will-o-Wisp/Ariel
Tom Spiller Wagner/General/Altmayer/Citizen
Rivka Szatmary Peasant/Ape/Citizen/Witch
Amy Warner She-Ape/Lizabeth/Lilith
Pam Welch Peasant/Citizen/Witch
Walter Williamson The Lord/Brander/Citizen/Critic
Played in repertory with Faust: Part Two, Balloon, Wild Oats, and Danton's Death.