The Yellow Methuselah

Name: Joyce Theater
Address: 175 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10011
Production Information
Number of performances: 7
Opening date: January 24, 1984
Closing date: February 12, 1984
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Living Theatre Producer
Julian Beck Artistic Director
Judith Malina Artistic Director
Wassily Kandinksy Original Author
George Bernard Shaw Original Author
Hanon Reznikov Adaptation
Alvin Curran Music
Hanon Reznikov Director
Raaja Fischer Musical Director
Julian Beck Set Designer
Julian Beck Costume Designer
Julian Beck Lighting Designer
Nicolas Serrano Technical

Actor Role
Julian Beck Red Creature/George Bernard Shaw/Confucius/Elderly Gentleman/The He-Ancient
Rain House Fawn/Voice/Yellow Figure/Longlived Native/Pygmalion
Mina Lande Blue Figure/Wassily Kandinsky/Zoo/Ecrasia
Henriette Luthi Red Gray-Green Creature/Voice/Red Figure/Longlived Native/Penelope
Judith Malina Serpent/Recorder/Mrs. Lutestring/Oracle/The She/Ancient Lilith
Catherine Marchand Eve/Voice/Green Figure/Ethel/Cleopatra-Semiramis
Antonia Matera Red Gray -Green Creature/Voice/Yellow Figure/Longlived Native/Chloe
Maria Nora Red Gray-Green Creature/Voice/Purple Figure/Molly/Daphne
Horacio Martin Palacios Yellow Giant/Yellow Figure/Zozim/Phineas
Stephan Schulberg Yellow Giant/George Lubin/Burge-Lubin/Longlived Native/Acis
Ilion Troya Red Gray-Green Creature/Conrad Barnabas/Yellow Figure/Ambrose/Martellus
Christian Vollmer Cain/Joyce/Burge/Barnabas/Emperor/Strephon
Thomas Walker Adam/Franklyn Barnabas/Archbishop/Longlived Native/Ozymandias
Performed in repertory with 3 other programs.