Name: Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater
Address: 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Information
Number of performances: 70
Opening date: March 9, 1986
Closing date: May 11, 1986
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Joseph Papp Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival Producer
Joseph Papp Producer
Jason Steven Cohen Associate Producer
William Shakespeare Playwright
Liviu Ciulei Director
B.H. Barry Fight Director
Bob Shaw Set Designer
William Ivey Long Costume Designer
Jennifer Tipton Lighting Designer
Alan R. Traynor Production Stage Manager
Pat Sosnow Stage Manager
Elizabeth Smith Vocal/Speech/Text Consultant

Actor Role
David Adamson Norwegian Captain/Danish General
Mario Arrambide Marcellus
Mary Barto Musician (Flute)/Lady-in-Waiting
Leonardo Cimino Polonius
Lynn Cohen Player Queen/Lady-in-Waiting
David Cromwell Guildenstern
Peter Crook Francisco/Fortibras
William Duell 5th Player/2nd Gravedigger/Old Gentleman
Ron Faber Voltemand/4th Player (Lucianus)
Kate Falk Lady-in-Waiting
Richard Frank Horatio
Harriet Harris Ophelia
Richard Michael Hughes Bernardo/2nd Sailor
Garry Kemp Cornelius
Kevin Kline Hamlet
Sharon Laughlin Lady-in-Waiting
Randle Mell Rosencrantz
Dan Nutu Valet
David Hyde Pierce Laertes
Priscilla Smith Gertrude
Marco St. John 1st Sailor/Danish Officer
Peter Van Norden 3rd Player (Prologue)/1st Gravedigger/Gentleman
Paul Walker Reynaldo/2nd Valet
Joseph Warren Priest/Minister of Finance
Jeff Weiss Ghost/Player King/Osric
Garo Yellin Musician (Cello)/Gentleman
Harris Yulin Claudius