Name: Triplex Theater
Address: 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007
Production Information
Number of performances: 16
Opening date: February 2, 1986
Closing date: April 13, 1986
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Circle Repertory Company Producer
Marshall W. Mason Artistic Director
B. Rodney Marriott Associate Artistic Director
Albert Camus Playwright
Marshall W. Mason Adaptation
Harry Newman Adaptation
Stuart Gilbert Translation
Marshall W. Mason Director
John Lee Beatty Set Designer
Jennifer von Mayrhauser Costume Designer
Dennis Parichy Lighting Designer
Chuck London Media Sound Designer
Stewart Werner Sound Designer
Reva Cooper Press Representative
Fred Reinglas Production Stage Manager
Leslie Loeb Stage Manager

Actor Role
Margaret Barker Claudia-Claudius/Mereia
Tanya Berezin Cherea
Paul Butler Claudia-Claudius
Kelly Connell Mucius
Jay Corcoran Ensemble
Jake Dengel Octavia-Octavius/Lucia-Lucius
Stephanie Gordon Caesonia
Trish Hawkins Octavia-Octavius/Lepida-Lepidus
Alice King Mucius's Wife/Ensemble
Zane Lasky Intendant/Cassius
Abby Levin Metella-Metellus/Ensemble
Ken Marshall Caligula
Paul Martell Metella-Metellus/Scipio
Bruce McCarty Scipio/Mucius
James McDaniel Cassius/Helicon
Tom Miller Ensemble
Jay Patterson Helicon/Cherea
Scott Phelps Patricius
Michael Quarry Ensemble
Jane Sanders Ensemble
Sharon Schlarth Mucius's Wife/Lucia-Lucius
Edward Seamon Lepida-Lepidus/Mereia
Michael Swain Ensemble
Certain roles were performed by alternating actors, and are therefore listed twice. Roles played by the ensemble included guards, aides, wives, and poets.

Played in repertory with The Mound Builders and Quiet in the Land.