Perfect Crime

Name: Theater Center/ Anne L. Bernstein Theater
Address: 210 West 50th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Production Information
Opening date: April 18, 1987
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Production Description
Perfect Crime is a funny, sexy thriller about three psychiatrists, a detective, a crazy patient and at least one dead body. A man is murdered -- maybe. Did his wife kill him? The detective investigating the case thinks so - until he starts to fall in love with her and the husband mysteriously reappears.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Armand Michael Hyatt Producer
Warren Manzi Playwright
Jeffrey Hyatt Director
Jay Cail Stone Technical Director

Actor Role
Grant Aleksander Detective James
G. Gordan Cronce W. Harrison Brent
Richard P. Gang Lionel McAuley
W. MacGregor King David Breuer
Marc Lutsky Lionel McAuley
Robert Newman Detective James
Perry Pirkkanen Inspector James Ascher
Catherine Russell Margaret Thorne Brent
Richard Shoberg Inspector James Ascher
Replacement Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Louis Crocco Production Stage Manager
Andrea Leigh Assistant Stage Manager

Actor Role
Joseph Adams Inspector James Ascher
Gerald Anthony Lionel McAuley
Steven Blanchard Inspector Ascher
Vasili Bogazianos Inspector James Ascher
David Breitbarth Inspector James Ascher
Gary Busey Lionel Mcauley
David Butler W. Harrison Brent
Mark Campbell W. Harrison Brent / Detective James Ascher
David Chapman Lionel McAuley
Lionel Chute David Breuer
Stephen Clarke Lionel McAuley
Malachy Cleary W. Harrison Brent
Walter Cline Lionel McAuley
Paul Coufos Inspector James Ascher
Jack Davis Inspector James Ascher
Doug DeLauder Lionel McAuley
Brian Dowd Lionel McAuley
James Farrell Inspector James Ascher
Dana Scott Galloway Inspector James Ascher
Dean Gardner David Breuer
Charles Geyer Lionel McAuley
Trip Hamilton Lionel McAuley
Robin Haynes Lionel McAuley
Philip Hoffman Lionel McAuley
Mark Hofmaier Inspector James Ascher
Brian Hotaling Lionel McAuley
Hugh Hysell Lionel McAuley
Carter Inskeep Lionel McAuley
Ian Jarvis W. Harrison Brent
Mark Johannes W. Harrison Brent
Seth Jones W. Harrison Brent
James Kiberd Inspector James Ascher
Jack Koenig N/A
Matt Landers Lionel McAuley
Laurence Lau Inspector James Ascher
Don Leslie W. Harrison Brent
Terry Londeree Lionel McAuley
Chris Lutkin Lionel McAuley
Graeme Malcolm W. Harrison Brent
Warren Manzi Inspector James Ascher / W. Harrison Brent
Frank Maraden W. Harrison Brent
Craig Mathers Inspector James Ascher
George McDaniel N/A
David McDonald Inspector James Ascher
Michael Minor Inspector James Ascher / Lionel McAuley
Les Minski W. Harrison Brent
Matt Monaco Inspector James Ascher
Jay Nelson Lionel McAuley
Robert Newman Inspector Archer
Jay Nickerson Inspector James Ascher
John O'Creagh Lionel McAuley
Jim O'Malley Inspector James Ascher
Carl Palmer Inspector James Ascher
Dennis Pfister Inspector James Ascher
Jay Potter Inspector James Ascher
Marcus Powell W. Harrison Brent
Peter Rattray W. Harrison Brent
John Rensenhouse W. Harrison Brent
Kurt Rhodes W. Harrison Brent
Patrick Robustelli David Breuer
Buzz Roddy W. Harrison Brent
Ed Sala Lionel McAuley
Terence Schappert Inspector James Ascher
John Sellars Lionel McAuley
Jim Shankman Lionel McAuley
Dan Sharkey Lionel McAuley
Richard Shoberg W. Harrison Brent
Victor Talmadge Lionel McAuley
Gene Terinoni Inspector James Ascher
David Valcin Inspector James Ascher
William Verderber W. Harrison Brent
Marcus Waterman W. Harrison Brent
Michael Wilding W. Harrison Brent
Michael Wilson Inspector James Ascher
John Wojda W. Harrison Brent
Michael Worth W. Harrison Brent
Zenon Zelenich Lionel McAuley
Stephen Zinnato Inspector James Ascher
This production temporarily closed on March 15, 2020 due to COVID-19, and reopened on April 17, 2021.