Five Very Live

Name: Linda Gross Theater
Address: 336 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011
Production Information
Number of performances: 14
Opening date: January 3, 1992
Closing date: January 18, 1992
Production Description
Five one-act plays: SURE THING by David Ives, CALL OF THE WILD by Patrick Breen, WONDERFUL PARTY by Howard Korder, FIVE VERY ALIVE by David Van Matre, THE AGE OF PIE by Peter Hedges.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Atlantic Theater Company Producer
Jeffrey Solis Managing Director
Patrick Breen Playwright
Peter Hedges Playwright
David Ives Playwright
Howard Korder Playwright
David Van Matre Playwright
Peter Hedges Director
Neil Pepe Director
Todd Weeks Director
Scott Zigler Director
James Wolk Set Designer
Howard Werner Lighting Designer
Matthew Silver Stage Manager

Actor Role
Craig Addams Guest(Wonderful Party)
Robert Bella Bill (Sure Thing)/Ben (Wonderful Party)/Steve Basswood(Five Very Alive)/Styart(The Age of Pie)
Julia Bradnan Guest(Wonderful Party)
David Branscombe Guest(Wonderful Party)
Christopher Burns Guest(Wonderful Party)
Ron Butler Kali
Fran Costello Guest(Wonderful Party)
Catherine Cushman Guest(Wonderful Party)
Sarah Eckhardt Guest(Wonderful Party)
Nancy Gartlan Guest(Wonderful Party)
Ken Glickfeld Guest (Wonderful Party)
Steven Goldstein Ed(Wonderful Party)/Dad/Chip/Reporter/(Five Very Live)/Stan(The Age of Pie)
Hilary Hinckle Guest(Wonderful Party)
Kristen Johnston Tina(Wonderful Party)/Five Very Live(David Van Matre)/Mom/Sylvia/Reporter(Five Very Alive)/Ruth(The Age of Pie)
Robin Lichtig Guest(Wonderful Party)
Barry Liebman Guest (Wonderful Party)
Mary McCann Betty(Sure Thing)/Mandy(Wonderful Party)/Brook Hightower(Five Very Live)/Connie(The Age of Pie)
Neil Pepe Ben(Wonderful Party)
David Pittu Coyote(Call of the Wild)/Irving(Wonderful Party)/Clark(The Age of Pie)
Connie Rafferty Guest (Wonderful Party)
Christopher Roberts Guest (Wonderful Party)
Kimberly Anne Ryan Guest (Wonderful Party)
Celia Schaefer Guest (Wonderful Party)
Erik Sherr Guest (Wonderful Party)
Matthew Silver Guest (Wonderful Party)
Robin Spielberg Laraine(Wonderful Party)/Yancy Yarlow/Daughter(Five Very Live)/Betty O(The Age of Pie)
Liz Tucillo Guest (Wonderful Party)
Elizabeth Wells Guest (Wonderful Party)
Damian Young Bruce(Wonderful Party)/Announcer(Five Very Live)/Skip(The Age of Pie)