The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Name: East 13th Street/CSC Theatre
Address: 136 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Information
Number of performances: 42
Opening date: April 23, 1991
Closing date: June 9, 1991
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Classic Stage Company Producer
Carey Perloff Producer
Patricia Taylor Managing Director
Bertolt Brecht Playwright
David Lang Composer
Ralph Manheim Translation
Carey Perloff Director
Catherine Reid Musical Director
Jason Kuschner Fight Director
Douglas Stein Set Designer
Donna Zakowska Costume Designer
Stephen Strawbridge Lighting Designer
Dan Moses Schreier Sound Designer
Peter Cromarty Press Representative
Richard Hester Production Stage Manager
Jeffrey Berzon Production Manager

Actor Role
Ani Apardian N/A
Elizabeth Beirne N/A
Katherine Borowitz Dockdaisy/Wounded Woman/Betty Dullfeet
Charles Campbell N/A
Katherine Cohen N/A
Dimitrius Conly N/A
Thomas Delling Physician
Ron Faber Sheet/Gaffles/Prosecutor/Dullfeet
Sam Gray Dogsborough
Zach Grenier Emanuele Giri
Larry Joshua Flake/Defense Counsel
David Patrick Kelly Giuseppe Givola
Mary Beth Kilkelly N/A
Olek Krupa Ernesto Roma
Michael McCormick Butler/Judge/Pastor's Voice
Ethan Mintz N/A
Martin B. Nathan N/A
Catherine Pages N/A
Miguel Perez Mulberry/O'Casey/Hook
Katherine Puma N/A
Michael Reilly Bowl
Gwynne Rivers N/A
Suzanne Robertson N/A
Keith Randolph Smith Caruther/Greewool/Goodwill
Julina Tatlock N/A
John Turturro Arturo Ui
Nicholas Turturro Young Dogsborough/Ted Ragg/Inna
Michael R. Wilson Butler
Richard Ziman Clark/Actor/Fish