Paul B. Berkowsky


General Manager/Press
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Slab Boys Playhouse Theatre 03/07/1983 General Manager
2 Charlotte Sweet Westside Arts Theatre/ Cheryl Crawford Theatre 08/12/1982 General Manager
3 White Pelicans Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/19/1978 General Manager
4 Medal of Honor Rag Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/28/1976 General Manager
5 Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/01/1972 General Manager
6 The Web and the Rock Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/19/1972 General Manager
7 The Justice Box Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/02/1971 General Manager
8 Behold! Cometh the Vanderkellans Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/31/1971 General Manager
9 A Home Away From Village South Theatre 04/28/1969 General Manager
10 World War 2 1/2 Martinique Theatre 03/24/1969 General Manager
11 Ballad for a Firing Squad Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/11/1968 General Manager
12 Have I Got One For You Theater Four 01/07/1968 General Manager
13 Willie Doesn't Live Here Anymore Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/06/1967 General Manager
14 Come Slowly, Eden Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/05/1966 General Manager
15 An Evening's Frost Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/11/1965 General Manager
16 The Summer of Daisy Miller Phoenix Theatre 05/27/1963 General Manager
17 The Dragon Phoenix Theatre 04/09/1963 General Manager
18 The Taming of the Shrew Anderson Theatre 03/06/1963 General Manager
19 Abe Lincoln in Illinois Anderson Theatre 01/21/1963 General Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Goodnight, Grandpa Entermedia Theater 03/02/1983 Associate Producer
2 Class Enemy Theater Four 11/18/1979 Associate Producer
3 Medal of Honor Rag Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/28/1976 Producer