Hy Anzell


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Kvetch Westside Theatre/ Upstairs 02/18/1987 George
2 Little Shop of Horrors Orpheum Theatre 07/27/1982 Mr. Mushnik
3 Marlon Brando Sat Right Here Boltax Theatre 04/16/1980 Fat the Miser
4 A Festival of Short Plays American Place Theatre 03/06/1974 Blintzkrieg (Cream)
5 Stag Movie Gate Theatre 01/03/1971 Mike Rosenthal
6 How Much How Much? Provincetown Playhouse 04/20/1970 Carl Monash
7 God Bless You Harold Fineberg Actors' Playhouse 03/30/1969 Harold Fineberg
8 The Pocket Watch Actors' Playhouse 01/05/1966 Sam Schwartz