Louis Johnson


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Heliotrope Bouqet by Scott Joplin & Louis Chauvin Playwrights Horizons 02/05/1993 Choreographer
2 A Ballet Behind the Bridge St. Mark's Playhouse 03/07/1972 Choreographer
3 Istanboul Actors' Playhouse 02/08/1971 Movement
4 "God Is a (Guess What?)" St. Mark's Playhouse 12/17/1968 Choreographer
5 Kongi's Harvest St. Mark's Playhouse 04/14/1968 Choreographer
6 Song of the Lusitanian Bogey St. Mark's Playhouse 01/02/1968 Dance Staging
7 The World's My Oyster Actors' Playhouse 07/31/1956 Choreographer

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Believers (The Black Experience In Song) Garrick Theatre 05/09/1968 Assistant Director

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 That Hat! Theater Four 09/23/1964 Jean