Philip Bosco


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Ancestral Voices Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 10/18/1999 Eddie's grandfather
2 Breaking Legs Promenade Theatre 04/04/1991 Mike Fransisco
3 Love Letters Promenade Theatre 03/27/1989 Andrew Makepeace Ladd III REPLACEMENT
4 A Man for All Seasons Union Square Theatre 12/11/1986 Sir Thomas More
5 Master Class Union Square Theatre 06/05/1986 Zhdanov
6 Be Happy for Me Douglas Fairbanks Theater 01/07/1986 N/A
7 Come Back, Little Sheba Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 07/12/1984 Doc
8 Ah, Wilderness! Haft Theater 06/28/1983 Nat Miller
9 Some Men Need Help 47th Street Theatre 10/28/1982 Gaetano Altobelli
10 The Learned Ladies Haft Theater 06/22/1982 Chrysale
11 Misalliance Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 06/23/1981 John Tarleton
12 Hedda Gabler Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 05/05/1981 Judge Brack
13 Inadmissible Evidence Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 02/23/1981 Hudson
14 Don Juan in Hell Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 12/16/1980 The Devil
15 A Month in the Country Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 12/11/1979 Shpigelsky
16 The Biko Inquest Theater Four 05/17/1978 Colonel Pieter Goosen
17 The Threepenny Opera Delacorte Theater 06/28/1977 Mack the Knife
18 Henry V Delacorte Theater 06/24/1976 Pistol
19 Amphitryon Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 05/28/1970 Jupiter
20 An Evening for Merlin Finch Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 12/29/1968 Zelda/ Mr. Gray (A Great Career)
21 The Ticket-of-Leave Man Midway Theatre 12/22/1961 Hawkshaw