Ellen Rusconi


General Manager/Press
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Forbidden Broadway: Rude Awakening 47th Street Theatre 10/02/2007 General Manager
2 Forbidden Broadway: The Roast of Utopia 47th Street Theatre 06/13/2007 General Manager
3 Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit Douglas Fairbanks Theater 12/16/2004 General Manager
4 Forbidden Broadway 2001: A Spoof Odyssey Douglas Fairbanks Theater 12/06/2000 General Manager
5 Forbidden Broadway Triad Theater 05/04/1982 General Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Milk and Honey American Jewish Theatre/ Greenwald Theatre 04/30/1994 Managing Director
2 The Day the Bronx Died American Jewish Theatre 03/05/1994 Managing Director
3 The Ash Fire American Jewish Theatre 12/04/1993 Managing Director
4 The Workroom American Jewish Theatre 10/16/1993 Managing Director