A.R. (Pete) Gurney

Personal Information
A. R. Gurney’s plays include: Scenes from American Life, Children, The Dining Room, The Middle Ages, Richard Cory, The Golden Age, What I Did Last Summer, The Wayside Motor Inn, Sweet Sue, The Perfect Party, Another Antigone, The Cocktail Hour, Love Letters, The Snow Ball (adapted from his novel), The Old Boy, The Fourth Wall, Later Life, A Cheever Evening, Sylvia, Overtime, Let’s Do It (a Cole Porter musical), Lavor Day, Far East, Darlene and the Guest Lecturer, Ancestral Voices. Opera: Wrote libretto for "Strawberry Fields" with music by Michael Torke, part of the Central Park Opera trilogy presented by the New York City Opera in 1999. Novels: The Gospel According to Joe, Entertaining Strangers and The Snow Ball. Awards: Drama Desk, N.E.A., Rockefeller Foundation, New England Theatre Conference, Lucille Lortel Award for The Cocktail Hour and Outstanding Body of Work, American Association of Community Theatres, American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. Honorary degrees: Williams College and Buffalo State University. Gurney was on the faculty of M.I.T. until 1996. He is the husband of one, father of four, and grandfather of six.
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Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Final Follies Cherry Lane Theatre 10/02/2018 Playwright
2 Love & Money Pershing Square Signature Center/ The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre 08/24/2015 Playwright
3 What I Did Last Summer Pershing Square Signature Center/ Irene Diamond Stage 05/17/2015 Playwright
4 The Wayside Motor Inn Pershing Square Signature Center/ The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre 09/04/2014 Playwright
5 Black Tie 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 02/08/2011 Playwright
6 The Grand Manner Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 06/27/2010 Playwright
7 Buffalo Gal 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 08/05/2008 Playwright
8 Crazy Mary Playwrights Horizons 06/03/2007 Playwright
9 Indian Blood 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 08/09/2006 Playwright
10 Big Bill Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 02/22/2004 Playwright
11 The Fourth Wall Primary Stages 11/13/2002 Playwright
12 Ancestral Voices Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 10/18/1999 Playwright
13 Far East Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 01/10/1999 Playwright
14 Labor Day New York City Center/ Stage I 06/01/1998 Playwright
15 Overtime New York City Center/ Stage II 02/13/1996 Playwright
16 Sylvia New York City Center/ Stage I 05/02/1995 Playwright
17 A Cheever Evening Playwrights Horizons 09/16/1994 Playwright
18 Later Life Playwrights Horizons 04/30/1993 Playwright
19 The Old Boy Playwrights Horizons 04/05/1991 Playwright
20 Love Letters Promenade Theatre 03/27/1989 Playwright
21 The Cocktail Hour Promenade Theatre 10/20/1988 Playwright
22 Urban Blight New York City Center/ Stage I 05/18/1988 Book
23 Another Antigone Playwrights Horizons 01/11/1988 Playwright
24 The Perfect Party Playwrights Horizons 04/02/1986 Playwright
25 The Middle Ages Parish Hall at the Church of Heavenly Rest 03/23/1983 Playwright
26 What I Did Last Summer Circle Repertory Theatre 02/06/1983 Playwright
27 The Dining Room Playwrights Horizons 02/24/1982 Playwright
28 Children Stage 73 10/20/1976 Playwright
29 Who Killed Richard Cory? Circle Theatre 03/10/1976 Playwright
30 Tonight in Living Color Actors' Playhouse 06/10/1969 Playwright
31 The David Show Players Theatre 10/31/1968 Playwright
32 Love Letters Irish Repertory Theatre Playwright

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Love Letters Promenade Theatre 03/27/1989 Andrew Makepeace Ladd III REPLACEMENT

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Young Playwrights Festival (1983) Circle Repertory Theatre 04/13/1983 Dramaturg
Award Production Function
1 NOMINATED 2015 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Revival The Wayside Motor Inn Playwright
2 NOMINATED 2007 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play Indian Blood Playwright
3 WON 1994 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Body of Work    
4 WON 1989 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play The Cocktail Hour Playwright