Clifford Odets


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Rocket to the Moon Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/23/2015 Playwright
2 Golden Boy 45th Street Theatre 11/19/1995 Playwright
3 Awake and Sing! Jewish Repertory Theatre 03/11/1995 Playwright
4 Awake and Sing! 45th Street Theatre 07/06/1993 Playwright
5 The Country Girl Union Square Theatre 12/26/1990 Playwright
6 The Country Girl Chelsea Playhouse 10/18/1984 Playwright
7 Awake and Sing! Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 04/19/1979 Playwright
8 Awake and Sing! Bijou Theatre 05/27/1970 Playwright
9 Winter Journey Greenwich Mews Theatre 03/12/1968 Playwright