Mary Alice


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Vagina Monologues Westside Theatre/ Downstairs 10/03/1999 N/A REPLACEMENT
2 The Tragedy of Richard III Delacorte Theater 08/03/1990 Queen Margaret
3 Zooman and the Sign Theater Four 06/20/1981 Rachel Tate
4 Glasshouse Parish Hall at the Church of Heavenly Rest 03/22/1981 Phumia Hlophe
5 Zooman and the Sign Theater Four 12/07/1980 Rachel Tate
6 Spell # 7 Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Anspacher Theater 07/15/1979 Player #9
7 Julius Caesar Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Anspacher Theater 01/25/1979 Portia
8 In the Deepest Part of Sleep St. Mark's Playhouse 06/04/1974 Maybelle
9 Heaven and Hell's Agreement St. Mark's Playhouse 04/09/1974 Mrs. Moore
10 Terraces St. Mark's Playhouse 04/02/1974 Older Wife/ Octavia
11 Black Sunlight St. Mark's Playhouse 03/19/1974 MHandi's Wife
12 House Party Astor Place Theatre 10/16/1973 Girlfriend/ Woman Poet/ Loved One
13 Miss Julie Roundabout Stage II 07/31/1973 Christine
14 Thoughts Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/19/1973 N/A
15 The Trials of Brother Jero / The Strong Breed1 Greenwich Mews Theatre 11/09/1967 Sunma

1The Strong Breed.
Award Production Function
1 WON 1979 Obie Award, Performance Julius Caesar Actor