Norman Mailer

Personal Information
Norman Mailer was born in 1923 in Long Branch, N.J. Mailer grew up in Brooklyn and began attending Harvard University in 1939. It was while at university that he became interested in writing, and he published his first story when he was 18. Drafted into the army in 1944, he served in the Philippines. Just before enrolling in the Sorbonne, in Paris, he wrote The Naked and the Dead (1948). Based on his personal experiences in World War II, it was both a critical and commercial success and hailed by many as one of the finest American novels to come out of WWII. Other highlights in a long and distinguished career include: The White Negro, a sociological and semi- autobiographical essay. Advertisements for Myself, a collection of the best of Mailer's essays, stories, interviews and journalism from the 40's and 50's. Why Are We in Vietnam is a soul- searching novel on the place of violence in the Vietnam Years. Mailer's dramatic journalistic style can be best appreciated in the superb Armies of the Night, (Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award recipient), a recollection of his own experiences at the Washington peace rallies of 1968. He documented the 1968 Republican and Democratic Conventions in Miami and the Siege of Chicago and the first manned landing on the moon in Of a Fire on the Moon. Mailer returned to examine violence in society in The Executioner’s Song a novel based on the true-life story of convicted murder Gary Gilmore. Other works include: Harlot’s Ghost, Oswald’s Tale and The Gospel According to the Son. A major figure in post-war American literature, Mailer's other credits include writing, directing and appearing in a number of motion pictures. Norman Mailer won the National Book Award for Arts and Letters in 1969 and the Pulitzer Prize twice, once in 1969 and again in 1980. In 1955 Mailer co-founded the Village Voice, and he was editor of Dissent from 1952 until 1963. For his role in demonstrations against the war in Vietnam he was jailed in 1967. He was President of PEN (US Chapter) from 1984 to 1986.
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Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Barbary Shore Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Anspacher Theater 12/18/1973 Original Author
2 The Deer Park Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/31/1967 Playwright