Carlo Bosticco

Personal Information
I don't like to talk about myself. I would rather let the work do the talking... just kidding, i would talk about myself for hours. The most interesting thing I can say though is: I remember being four. I remember looking up at the faces of the adults around me. I saw a lot of sadness. A lack of faith. A lot of doubt. And I couldn't understand it. Not when it was so easy to ask about the secret of life to the dryad living in my cherry tree; or to tell the wind to do my bidding (he was naughty, but he always listened eventually); or to summon entire worlds into existence from a scribble on a piece of paper. "When I grow up, I'll teach everybody to believe in magic again". And so it is. That's what being an artist is to me.
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Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 My Parsifal Conductor Marjorie S. Deane Little Theatre 10/11/2018 King Ludwig II of Bavaria