Eugene Ionesco

Personal Information
Eugene Ionesco, the father of "theater of the absurd", was born in Slatina, Romania on Nov. 26, 1912. In 1938, at age 26, he settled permanently in Paris where he received a government grant to study in France and write a thesis on "sin and death in French poetry since Baudelaire." Mr. Ionesco was a fervent believer in human rights and a longtime foe of political tyranny. Ionesco did not write his first play until 1950. His work conveyed what he viewed as man's struggle to survive in a society that he said formed barriers between human beings. A militant anti- communist, he had long campaigned from exile against the authoritarian regime of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who banned his plays. Many of his plays have become staples: The Lesson, The Bald Soprano, The Chairs, Rhinoceros, some of them being played steadily since 1955. Mr. Ionesco's work was often likened to Samuel's Beckett's. His awards include the Tours Festival Prize for film, 1959; Prix Italia, 1963; Society of Authors theatre prize, 1966; Grand Prix National for theatre, 1969; Monaco Grand Prix, 1969; Austrian State Prize for European Literature, 1970; Jerusalem Prize, 1973; and honorary doctorates from New York University and the universities of Louvain (France), Warwick (England), and Tel Aviv (Israel). He was elected into the Académie Française in 1970.
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Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Ionescopade York Theatre at St. Peter's 02/02/2012 Original Author
2 The Bald Soprano New York City Center/ Stage II 09/25/2011 Playwright
3 The Bald Soprano and The Lesson Linda Gross Theater 09/19/2004 Playwright
4 Fairytales of the Absurd Theater 80 St. Marks 06/12/2003 Playwright
5 Rhinoceros Theater Four 10/02/1996 Playwright
6 The Lesson Harold Clurman Theater 10/18/1978 Playwright
7 How to Get Rid of It Astor Place Theatre 11/17/1974 Original Author
8 Ionescopade Theater Four 04/25/1974 Original Author
9 The Victims1 East 74th Street Theatre 03/05/1968 Playwright
10 The New Tenant / Victim of Duty Writers Stage Theatre 05/24/1964 Playwright
11 The Bald Soprano / The Lesson Gate Theatre 09/17/1963 Playwright
12 The Shepherd's Chameleon Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/19/1960 Playwright
13 Victims of Duty Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/19/1960 Playwright
14 The Bald Soprano / Jack Sullivan Street Playhouse 06/03/1958 Playwright
15 The Chairs / The Lesson Phoenix Theatre 01/09/1958 Playwright

1Author of Victims of Duty.