George Spelvin


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Runt of the Litter MCC Theater 01/31/2002 VO: Time Coach
2 Olympus on My Mind Lamb's Theatre 07/15/1986 Amphitryon
3 The Mystery of Edwin Drood Delacorte Theater 08/04/1985 Dick Datchery
4 Counsellor-at-Law Quaigh Theater Diplomat Hotel 09/06/1977 Rigby Crayfield
5 Richard III Delacorte Theater 06/25/1970 2nd Murderer
6 The Chronicles of King Henry VI, Part 2 Delacorte Theater 06/24/1970 1st Murderer/ Governor of Paris
7 The Chronicles of King Henry VI, Part 1 Delacorte Theater 06/23/1970 Governor of Paris/ 2nd Prentice
8 The Chief Thing Greenwich Mews Theatre 04/29/1963 The Voice
9 The Purple Canary Midway Theatre 04/22/1963 Mr. Norton