Enver Chakartash


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Catch as Catch Can Playwrights Horizons 11/01/2022 Costume Designer
2 I’m Revolting Linda Gross Theater 10/05/2022 Costume Designer
3 Which Way to the Stage The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/ The Newman Mills Theater 05/10/2022 Costume Designer
4 English Linda Gross Theater 02/22/2022 Costume Designer
5 We're Gonna Die Second Stage Theatre 02/25/2020 Assistant Costume Designer
6 Is This A Room Vineyard Theatre 10/21/2019 Costume Designer
7 Straight White Men Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Martinson Hall 11/23/2014 Costume Designer

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Vieux Carre BAC/ Jerome Robbins Theater 02/22/2011 Wardrobe