E. David Cosier


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Trip To Bountiful Peter Norton Space 12/04/2005 Set Designer
2 Lake Hollywood Peter Norton Space 04/29/1999 Set Designer
3 Marco Polo Sings a Solo Peter Norton Space 09/15/1998 Set Designer
4 I Can't Remember Anything/The Last Yankee Peter Norton Space 01/11/1998 Set Designer
5 The American Clock Peter Norton Space 10/19/1997 Set Designer
6 Curse of the Starving Class Signature Theatre 04/27/1997 Set Designer
7 The Sad Lament of Pecos Bill on the Eve of Killing His Wife / Killer's Head / Action Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 02/09/1997 Set Designer
8 Tooth of Crime (Second Dance) Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/23/1996 Set Designer
9 Chicago Signature Theatre 11/07/1996 Set Designer
10 The Alexander Plays...Suzanne in Stages Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 04/19/1996 Set Designer
11 Sleep Deprivation Chamber Signature Theatre 02/23/1996 Set Designer
12 June and Jean in Concert Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 11/10/1995 Set Designer
13 A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White / Funnyhouse of a Negro Signature Theatre 09/22/1995 Set Designer
14 2: Goering at Nuremberg Primary Stages 05/10/1995 Set Designer
15 Laura Dennis Signature Theatre 03/10/1995 Set Designer
16 The Young Man from Atlanta Signature Theatre 01/27/1995 Set Designer
17 Night Seasons Signature Theatre 11/04/1994 Set Designer
18 Fragments Signature Theatre 04/08/1994 Set Designer
19 Sand: Box, The Sandbox and Finding the Sun Signature Theatre 02/04/1994 Set Designer
20 Counting the Ways/Listening Signature Theatre 11/05/1993 Set Designer
21 Marriage Play Signature Theatre 10/01/1993 Set Designer
22 Down the Road Linda Gross Theater 06/01/1993 Set Designer
23 Two Rooms Signature Theatre 02/12/1993 Set Designer
24 Lake Street Extension Signature Theatre 11/27/1992 Set Designer
25 FM/The Love Suicide at Schofield Barracks Signature Theatre 05/15/1992 Set Designer
26 Ambrosio Signature Theatre 04/24/1992 Set Designer
27 A Woman Without a Name Signature Theatre 01/30/1992 Set Designer
28 Heathen Valley Signature Theatre 12/04/1991 Set Designer
29 The Sorrows of Frederick Signature Theatre 10/10/1991 Set Designer
30 The Rothschilds American Jewish Theatre 02/10/1990 Set Designer