Graham Brown


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Macbeth American Place Theatre 03/18/1999 Duncan / Siward
2 Richard II Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/15/1998 York/1st Gardener
3 Richard III Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/15/1998 Stanley
4 Two Gentlemen of Verona New Victory Theater 01/09/1997 Eglamour
5 Henry V Theater at St. Clement's Church 01/12/1993 Charles the Sixth, King of France
6 Black Eagles New York City Center/ Stage II 04/02/1991 Elder Leon
7 Burner's Frolic Theater Four 02/25/1990 Rev. Quash
8 The Talented Tenth New York City Center/ Stage I 10/09/1989 Father/Sam Griggs
9 The Winter's Tale Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Anspacher Theater 02/21/1989 Antigonus
10 Prince Theater Four 12/18/1988 Stubbs
11 Richard II Delacorte Theater 06/24/1987 Bishop of Carlisle
12 Eyes of the American Theater Four 10/25/1985 Benny Parker/Cheddy Boswell
13 Ceremonies in Dark Old Men Theater Four 05/15/1985 William Jenkins
14 District Line Theater Four 12/02/1984 Actor 9 (Tweetie/Commodore)
15 Sons and Fathers of Sons Theater Four 01/28/1983 Fred T. Blachley/Johnny
16 Abercrombie Apocalypse Westside Arts Theatre/ Cheryl Crawford Theatre 06/22/1982 Culpepper
17 Lagrima del Diablo St. Mark's Playhouse 01/10/1980 Archbishop Stephen Emmanuel Pontiflax
18 A Season to Unravel St. Mark's Playhouse 01/24/1979 Her Father
19 Plays from Africa St. Mark's Playhouse 01/10/1979 N/A
20 Nevis Mountain Dew St. Mark's Playhouse 12/07/1978 Jared Philibert
21 The Great Macdaddy Lucille Lortel Theatre 04/13/1977 N/A
22 The Brownsville Raid Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/05/1976 Emmett Scott
23 Eden St. Mark's Playhouse 03/03/1976 Joseph Barton
24 Waiting for Mongo St. Mark's Playhouse 05/18/1975 Doc
25 Pericles, Prince of Tyre Delacorte Theater 06/20/1974 Helicanus/ Pander
26 The Great Macdaddy St. Mark's Playhouse 02/12/1974 N/A
27 The River Niger St. Mark's Playhouse 12/05/1972 Dr. Dudley Stanton
28 Ride a Black Horse St. Mark's Playhouse 05/25/1971 Carl Banks
29 Behold! Cometh the Vanderkellans Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/31/1971 Dr. Vanderkellan
30 Man Better Man St. Mark's Playhouse 07/02/1969 Portagee Joe
31 An Evening of One Acts St. Mark's Playhouse 03/25/1969 Charlemagne (Malcochon)
32 "God Is a (Guess What?)" St. Mark's Playhouse 12/17/1968 Voice
33 "God Is a (Guess What?)" St. Mark's Playhouse 12/17/1968 Bla-Bla
34 The Firebugs Maidman Playhouse 02/11/1963 Fireman