Bridget O'Connor


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Some Americans Abroad Second Stage Theatre 07/24/2008 Assistant Sound Designer
2 The Glorious Ones Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 11/05/2007 Assistant Sound Designer
3 All the Wrong Reasons: A True Story of Neo-Nazis, Drug Smuggling, and Undying Love New York Theatre Workshop 04/15/2007 Assistant Sound Designer
4 Some Men Second Stage Theatre 03/26/2007 Assistant Sound Designer

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 09/20/2012 Sound Supervisor
2 The Common Pursuit Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 05/24/2012 Sound Supervisor
3 Sons of the Prophet Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/20/2011 Sound Supervisor