Graham Johnson


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Dead Poets Society East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 11/17/2016 Sound Supervisor
2 Marie and Rosetta Linda Gross Theater 09/12/2016 Sound Supervisor
3 Peer Gynt East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 05/25/2016 Sound Supervisor
4 Hold On To Me Darling Linda Gross Theater 03/14/2016 Sound Supervisor
5 Cloud Nine Linda Gross Theater 10/05/2015 Sound Supervisor
6 Posterity Linda Gross Theater 03/15/2015 Sound Supervisor
7 The Illusion Peter Norton Space 06/05/2011 Sound Supervisor
8 Home Peter Norton Space 12/07/2008 Sound Supervisor

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Elvis People New World Stages/ Stage I 06/21/2007 Sound Designer
2 an oak tree Barrow Street Theatre 11/04/2006 Design Consultant